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воскресенье, 18 июля 2010 г.

DarkSide iPhone game application

Today my first game application was appeared on the AppStore. Game is called DarkSide.

Here is short game description FYI.

DarkSide is a pictures match game with a specific dark horror style, addictive gameplay and great sounds. Do you like scary things? – This game is for you!

Have some free time waiting in queue, going a bus or just laying on a couch and don’t want to waste it. With this app you can easily train your memory. While playing you should open pictures on a board one by one and if two pictures matched they will be immediately eliminated from the board. The aim is to find all pictures pairs on a board.

DarkSide is easy to play and user-friendly interface game. A lot of configuration options will help you to set up the game for your taste. Try the challenge of time or trials limits to check your memory skills or just enter the free mode to play and relax. Prefer hard puzzles – set the largest board size and find all matches within the shortest time period on hard difficulty level.

I'm almost sure you have played such match games before but this is not regular match game it is a horror. Are you good in match games? Really!? Play the game with “Pics vs. Text” option on. You will have to match pictures with their text interpretations. If you are novice turn on “Help on start” and try to memorize all pictures before game starts.

With large amount of different pictures and awesome sounds this game will never makes you bored.
It can even scare you :-)

Gameplay screenshot:

The free version of app will appears to download in a few days.
Hope you will enjoy the game!

Gameplay video:

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  1. Hello! Please mail me, I have some ideas if you want to make an Darkside 2 !! I can altso help you with design - just mail me from my site Enkeria.com !! I await your comply!