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суббота, 21 мая 2011 г.

iCrosss educational application for iPhone/iPod touch/iPad

iCrosss is a unique educational application which will help you learn solid geometry in ease and fun way. It allows you to build a cross-section of each of available polyhedra by your's defined plane. The plane can be defined by three points (taps) on polyhedron faces. Application supports such kinds of polyhedra as regular polyhedra (Platonic solids), Pyramids, Prisms, Anti-prisms and Archimedean solids and duals. Polyhedrons are displayed in 3D representation, which allows you to rotate it in any direction. Cool chalkboard drawing style and fonts were used for awesome look’n’feel. To build a cross-section you have to put three points on polyhedron faces in order to define a section plane.

There is several view modes that you can use for better cross-section experience: 3D mode, Épure (3 projections mode), 3D cut mode. 3D cut mode is available only when you already have built cross-section. In this mode you can choose one of two solid pieces of initial polyhedron to continue work with. You can access information regarding selected solid, which includes short description, number of faces, vertices, edges, web-link for more information and useful formulas. Polyhedra are organized in simple list divided by categories. Moreover you can put polyhedrons you like into favorites list. Favorite solids are marked by a golden star and can by rapidly accessed.

To quickly get into, a tutorial mode was designed for you. It will pass you through the general application features.

To display formulas custom rendering engine was developed. It visualizes a LaTeX formula format.



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  1. It would be nice that the points to select the cross sections were automatically magnetized to vertices, mid-points of edges or mid-points of faces. I am usually interested only in singular sections that cross those points.